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Tip the Duckie Artist | Optional Tip Jar

Tip the Duckie Artist | Optional Tip Jar

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(•ө•) Congrats! You found this secret listing!
This is just a little tip jar if you feel like leaving a tip for me to support my cause of World DUCKmination (•ө•)

Hello waddlepals! I'm making a little tip jar in case you want to leave a little tip for me. This is totally optional so please do not feel obligated to do it at all. (Please do not feel guilty if you can't or duckie will start crying).
No matter if you decided to leave some or not, I'd be really really grateful if you purchase something from my shop!
Extra tip is also very much appreciated! 

Please note: this IS NOT a product (so no physical and/or digital product of this will be sent to you), it's just a tip to support my cause to WORLD DUCKMINATION MWAHAHAHAH- /coughs. 
As a way to say thank you, I'll give an extra secret random freebie that's never been released as a freebie as a little something for you to remember that you support a small duckie artist somewhere on the internet.

Thank you so much for checking this out <3 
For updates & silly duckie doodle contents, please check out my social media: @meil_can (TikTok & IG).
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